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Kindergarten is a place where every child has equal access and opportunity for development, upbringing, play and learning with a focus on involvement and participation of all involved in the educational process. the educational process that aims making progress on future academic people. In kindergarten they are taken care of 380 children in 15 groups of which 14 include children from 9 months to 6 years and group of 10 years old.

Organization of activities

There are various educational activities in the kindergarten during the day in the interest of early learning and development of children. The following activities are taking place: adoption of children, leisure activities, nutrition, implementation of daily planning, passive and active vacation, implementation of optional programs (if parents are interested), motor activities, walks, observations, activities for acquiring cultural-hygienic habits, participation in various events, individual work with children and parents if needed. At the Early Childhood Development Center all the time is devoted to educational activities.

Early learning and development

Early learning and development in children up to 6 age is the basis for further success within the child's development. Include all children in the process of early learning and development regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion, socio-economic and cultural differences and different health and special needs. Organize day-to-day activities based on Early Learning and Development Standards and play as a dominant learning tool and holistic approach to child development and encompassing all domains without favoring particular domains. The stimulating environment and environment provide positive experiences and a desire for a professional approach to early learning and development of children up to 6 years. age and the opportunity for every child to become actively involved in acquiring skills and experience. Respect, build partnerships and collaborate with family and community in fostering and achieving Early Learning and Development Standards.

C.During the period 2019-2020 activities and contents are realized that stimulate the development of children and at the same time acquire certain skills, knowledge and experiences in most developmental aspects. The kindergarten is implementing internal actions in the current yearski project activities initiated by educators and from children's interest.

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