Center for Culture

Cultural Center "Nikola Fonkov Vapcarov"

Str. “Svetozar Markovic No.1
tel: 033 411 133, 070 966 604

Founder of the National Center for Culture Nikola Tsonkov Vapcarov Delchevo is the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and is legal successor of the legal entity Institution for education and cultural activity “MM Brico“ Delcevo, established by the Assembly of Ohmunicipality of Delchevo and legal successor of the working organization House of Culture Nikola Tsonkov Vapcarov“.

Within the core business, The Cultural Center performs the following functions:

1. Performs program and functional promotion and development of culture;

2. Encourages the creativity of children and young people, with particular emphasis on cultural and artistic amateurism;

3. Performs systematic research, collection, arrangement, expert and scientific processing and study, protection, preservation, publication and presentation of movable cultural wealth, objects and exhibits;

4. Publishes cultural and artistic works;

5. Preserves and nurtures authentic folklore treasure;

6. Performs musical, musical presentationstage, art, theater, literary, film and artistic creations.

7. Take care of the promotion of cultural and entertainment activities;

8. Takes care of the improvement of the professional staff;

9. Cooperates with various institutions in the country in the field of culture and with associations and non-governmental organizations that implement and implement projects in the field of culture and the arts;

Additional activity: Viewing movies

Within the Cultural Center operates Folk group "Vapcarov", PelThe Gurgaon band and the Delchevski Guild Orchestra. The procedure for setting up a Belogaski Art Studio is underway.

NIKC "Nikola Fonkov Vapcarov", is the organizer of traditional cultural events: Children's Festival "Drunk Pearls", The Balkans are singing and dancing ”, Delchevska Serenade - Old Town Song, Fair of Old Crafts", The Folklore Meetings of Naked.

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