Museum of the city of Delchevo "Pijanec"

The local museum of the city of Delchevo "Pijanec" preserves the historical, archaeological, ethnological heritage of Pijanec, due to the fact that on the territory of the Municipality of Delchevo, ie in the village. Stammer, the massive paleontological tomb of Pikermin fauna has been discovered, this local Museum has an obligation to promote and care for the natural heritage of the region.

The archeological part of the Museum contains objects from the Neolithic (5,000 BC) until the late Middle Ages (14th century AD) and is the result of two years of research conducted in 2000-2001 on the territory of Pijanec. The collection includes items made of ceramics, stone, metal and glass. The items are of different types and have different purposes. There are items for everyday use (dishes, tools and tools), items with religious-ritual function, decorative items, items for commodity-money exchange.

The items in the ethnological collection originate from the Pijanec area. This collection consisting of original objects gives a picture of the traditional life in Delchevo filled with extensive agriculture, animal husbandry, but also crafts created by self-taught masters who built their own dwellings, produced food, clothing, objects for everyday use. The collection itself has a mixed character, which contains items made of textiles, wood, metal and ceramics. Most of the objects are handmade in home workshops which is a testimony to the development and artistic creation of the people who created and lived in this area.

The museum is located on the third floor of the ASNOM Memorial House.