Cultural Events

Custom under the masks of the Zvegarski Surva

The Living Cultural Heritage, a custom under the guise of Surova, in the village of Zvegor is held on Vasilica Day, January 14th. Unique in many respects, ethnologists also call this local centuries-old custom Pijaneco Vevcani. The traditional mascots of the crusaders symbolize a wedding procession with obligatory bride and groom faces, whites, pop, old grandmothers and so on.

Mountaineering march commemorating the February expedition

Traditionally, at the end of February, on the occasion of the anniversary of the February expedition, the Municipality of Delchevo organizes a hiking march to the mountain Golak which is attended by a large number of citizens and representatives of mountain clubs from the country. The trail is 24 km long in both directions.

Otherwise, the successful execution of the February expedition was of great political and military importance for the course of the NEW. Golak Mountain along with Belasica, Plachkovica and Osogovo was part of the route of the Third Combat Unit, which was to arrive in Eastern Macedonia for ten days with the General Staff launching large-scale combat operations of the Macedonian partisan army known as the Jevruvarski Loh.


 Traditionally on April 1, International Joke Day, the Municipality of Delchevo, in partnership with the educational institutions of the city, organizes a parade under the guise of a masquerade.

Easter Exhibition

On the occasion of the great Easter religious holiday, the Municipality of Delchevo traditionally organizes an "Easter Exhibition" in which schools, institutions, citizens' associations, citizens participate. In order to encourage the creativity of the students and the participants in general, the Municipality of Delchevo awards three awards for the best decorations. The evaluation is done by a Commission selected by the Commission for organizing cultural events and events. The event has a humanitarian nature.

Marking the anniversary of the Razlog uprising

The municipality of Delchevo traditionally commemorates the anniversary of the Razlog uprising, the first armed uprising of the Macedonian people organized by the locals on May 20, 1876.

On this occasion in the yard of the church of "St. Tsar Constantine and Empress Elena ”in the village of Razlovci a cultural program is organized with a performance of cultural and artistic associations, an art colony and an art exhibition, as well as a mountaineering march.

Celebration of the city patron May 24 - Day of the Slavic Enlightenment Cyril and Methodius

The Municipality of Delchevo celebrates the Day of the Slavic Enlighteners, Saints Cyril and Methodius, May 24, as patrons of the town of Delchevo. On this occasion, a series of cultural events as well as scientific forums promoting the work of Slavic educators Cyril and Methodius are traditionally organized.

Delchevo Summer

 Municipality of Delcevo during the summer and in cooperation with other institutions, the business community and the competent Ministry of Culture, organizes a series of events in the field of culture in order to enrich the cultural offer in the summer and the presence of citizens of Delcevo is expected, our emigrants and citizens from the neighboring municipalities. As part of the program, summer concerts will be organized in the open with the participation of famous celebrity stars.

Naked folk encounters

On the eve of the St. Panteleimon religious holiday, the Municipality of Delchevo in cooperation with the NSCC "Nikola Fonkov Vapsarov" organizes the traditional "Naked Folk Meetings". The festival has an international character, and takes place on the evening of August 8 at the summer camp at the top of Chavka on Golak Mountain beside the monastery dedicated to St. Pantaleimon.

Marking the Day of Liberation and Independence of the Republic of Macedonia

On the occasion of September 7, Delcevo Liberation Day and September 8, Independence Day of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia, Municipality of Delchevo organizes a series of cultural events. As part of the celebration, a solemn session of the Council of the Council of the Municipality of Delchevo is held, where, besides the presentation of the implemented projects, municipal awards and recognitions are also awarded.

Pijanec-Maleshevo wedding

Municipality of Delchevo in partnership with CAS “Goce Delchev” from Delchevo organizes traditional cultural event “Pijanec-Maleshevo Wedding”. The traditional wedding aims to preserve the rich palette of wedding customs from the region. The cultural event is held at the beginning of September.

Days of drunken plum

The Municipality of Delchevo has traditionally organized the event "Drunken Days of Plum" in order to promote the plum as one of the most represented agricultural products in our country. Participants in the event are students from municipal schools, kindergartens, civic associations, businesses and institutions. The aim is to promote the plum as a fruit brand in the region and the traditional plum products characteristic of the region. The promotional part of the plum products also offers awards for the best products and decorations.

New Year program

As part of the New Year program, the Municipality of Delchevo organizes a series of cultural events in order to enrich the cultural program for the citizens of Delchevo and to contribute to the enrichment of the festive New Year atmosphere.

                     Marking important historical dates


  • Marking the birthday of the Macedonian revolutionary and ideologist Goce Delchev, February 4;
  • Celebrating World Roma Day, April 8;
  • Marking the day of Goce Delchev's murder, May 4;
  • Celebrating Victory Day over Fascism and Europe Day, May 9;
  • Marking the anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising, August 2;
  • Marking the Day of the Uprising of the Republic of Macedonia and the Fighter's Day, 11 October;
  • Marking the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, October 23
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