Competencies of the council

The Council of the Municipality of Delchevo is a representative body of the citizens. The council consists of 15 representatives of the citizens, elected in general, direct and free elections by secret ballot. The mandate of the council members lasts four years. The council elects a president from among the members of the council for a term of four years. The president of the council convenes and chairs the sessions of the council, takes care of the organization and work of the council and signs the regulations adopted by the council and within three days from the day of their adoption submits them to the mayor for publication.


  • Adopts the statute of the municipalities and other regulations.
  • Adopts the budget of the municipality and the annual account of the municipality.
  • Determines the amount of own sources of income for financing the municipality within the limits determined by law.
  • Establishes public services within the competence of the municipalities and supervises their affairs.
  • Appoints members of the management boards of the public services it establishes.
  • Adopts work programs and financial plans for financing public services established by the municipality.
  • Adopts the budget execution reports and the annual account of the municipality.
  • Decides on granting a license to perform an activity of public interest of local importance, in accordance with the law.
  • Adopts the work reports and annual accounts of the public services, established by the municipality.
  • Decides on the manner of disposing of the property of the municipality.
  • Decides on the manner of performing financial control of the municipal budget, in accordance with law.
  • Elects the person who manages the regional unit of the Ministry of Interior in the municipality, in accordance with the law.
  • Reviews and adopts the annual report on public safety in the municipality, which submits it to the Minister of Interior and the Ombudsman.
  • Can give recommendations to the head of the regional unit of the Ministry of Interior in the field of public safety and traffic safety and
  • Performs other activities determined by law.

(2) If the council does not adopt the reports referred to in paragraph (1) items (7) and (9) of this Article, it may initiate a procedure for control over the material and financial operations before the competent supervisory body.

(3) The manager referred to in paragraph (1) item 12 of this Article shall be elected if the majority of all councils of the municipalities, which are covered by the regional unit of the Ministry of Interior, voted for him.

Council sessions are convened as needed, but at least once every 3 months. The sessions are convened by the president of the council on his own initiative, at the request of the mayor or at the request of at least 1/4 of the council members no later than 15 days from the day of its submission.