JLB "Ilinden"

Public local library "Ilinden" Delchevo

Svetozar Markovic bb
tel. 033-412-615
mob. 070-211-719
e-mail: m.biblioteka@t.mk

Членови на УО на ЈЛБ Илинден
Претседател на УО : Маријана Стоименовска
надворешни членови: Коле Манов и Милена Глинџарска
внатрешни членови: Даниела Ѓеоргиевска и Ален Атанасовски
The Public Local Library "Ilinden" has a total of 60,000 books, of which 22,000 are electronically processed through the KOBIS system, and a program for electronic publishing of books has been introduced. The library has 500 regular readers.

For the last two years, the library has put pspecial emphasis on the marketing of the library and the literary fund, as well as on the promotion of reading books as a unique value that opens horizons and builds the person with rich soul food.

The literary fund is rich in fiction, works by world-famous and domestic authors, children's literature, then reading editions, editions by native authors, as well as a large fund of professional literature. At the request of the readers, for the first time since the existence of the library, church literature was procured.

At the end of 2019, the library introduced two-shift operation, which allowed the doors of the library to be open in the afternoon, every working day until 18:00.

Also in 2019. The library also introduced a family membership fee which, unlike the regular one which is 150 denars, the family membership fee costs 250 denars. With the family membership fee, members of one family can take 5 books, not 3 as allowed by the regular membership fee.

The library has good cooperation with all institutions in the Municipality, the non-governmental sector and citizens' associations. Actively participates in all events organized by the Municipality of Delchevo, and independently realizes a number of activities throughout the year.