Equal opportunities

Adopted Strategy and action plan

The Municipality of Delchevo works intensively and continuously in the field of equality between men and women. In that sense, apart from the Annual Work Program of the CEO, the Municipality of Delchevo with the support of the NGO sector developedThe first strategic document of the Municipality of Delchevo which should improve the situation with gender equality of women and men in the municipality, developed within the project "With strategy and action plans to equal opportunities for women and men in Delchevo, Berovo and Pehchevo" which is implemented by the NGO KHAM, and supported by the Foundation "The kvinna till kvinna".

The Strategy envisages four priority areas for action: Human Rights and Gender Equality in the areas of politics, gender-based violence, economics, then participation in the creation and implementation of local and public policies, educating the population on gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women. , as well as institutional development and organizational strengthening of the commissions for equal opportunities in the region.

European Charter for Equality between Men and Women Signed

The mayor of Municipality Delchevo, Goran Trajkovski, signed the European Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Communities. This ПThe Charter is an initiative of the Council of European Local and Regional Authoritieseheld by ZELS, thus the Municipality of Delchevo joined the family of 1450 signatories from 33 European countries supported by ZELS.

The Charter is a practical document and not only does it represent fundamental rights, but it also provides concrete methods that can be exercised in different areas of local government competence..

With the signing of the European Charter for Equality between Women and Men, formally and publicly, Municipality of Delchevo are an obligationa on the principle of equality of men and women and his implementationaction within Municipality of Delchevo. Оties who are they determined in The Charter, European local and regional authorities are committed to using their potential and partnerships to achieve greater equality between people. The Charter has been translated into 28 languages and is the only document established in close cooperation with the national associations of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

Commission for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women in the Municipality of Delchevo
  • Илче Каранфиловски, член
    Маја Алексова, член
    Марио Скакарски, член
    Оливера Ташевска, член
    Стефанија Атанасова Јовановски, член

Координатор за еднакви можности на Општина Делчево е Игор Жежовски.