Secondary Education

High School "Metodi Mitevski-Brico"


st. "Methods Mitevski-Brico"

Teaching takes place in the high school “Metodi Mitevski & #8211; Brico ”in Delchevo with total number of students 351 and total number of teachers 53.

High school education

  • Natural-mathematical A combination
  • natural-mathematical B combination

Social & #8211; humanitarian area

  • combination A.

Language & #8211; artistic area

  • combination A.

Vocational education:

Textile & #8211; leather profession

  • profile: garment technician

Chemical technological profession

  • profile: food technician

In the yard of the gymnasium Metodi Mitevski & #8211; Brico has built a sports hall which in addition to activities within the educational process, is actively used by sports clubs and individuals for sports competitions in football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics etc.

Within the gymnasium there is a school sports hall which also runs alongside regular physical education classes and a variety of sports competitions in football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics etc.


Metodi Mitevski Brico Municipal High School is an educational institution with an established system of democratic values that reflect through a healthy, safe, disciplined and stimulating learning environment that nurtures a contemporary current school culture and enables young people to build intellectually. emotionally socially morally mature persons worthy of respect in society. The main goals of the school are to provide students with lasting and usable knowledge, with creative and practical skills enabling them to apply their interests and abilities to all areas of work and life.


Contemporary European school with clearly set strategic goals for quality education through the incorporation of scientific and technological achievements, information technology, creative methods and techniques for active teaching, teamwork, partnerships with parents and the local community, built capacity for decentralized education. A beacon that illuminates the path to the success of generations to come to find their rightful place under the sun.

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