Issuance of a certificate for paid taxes and fees

Type - Name of the service
Issuance of a certificate for paid taxes and fees
Required documents
  1. Request to the Municipality of Delchevo, Sector for financial issues - ready form in OCU – which the citizen / client fills in
  2. Identity card for inspection
  3. Payment slip
Administrative tax

Administrative tax
Amount: 100 denars
Account: 100000000063095
Payment account: 840 120 03182
Revenue code: 722315 00
Recipient: treasury account, Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo
Recipient Bank: NBRM
Purpose: Certificate of paid taxes and fees

Receipt of the request

A written request is submitted in person or by mail in the archives of the municipality, Municipal Service Center

Place of realization

Sector for financial issues

A Certificate of paid taxes is being prepared

Deadline for realization

Immediately or within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Request

Manner of submitting the service / document

In a way that the applicant has stated in the request, as follows:

  • Personal download from the archive - OCU by the submitter – service requester
  • By PTT mail
Required requirements
Deadline for appeal
Legal basis

Law on Property Tax, Article 35 (Official Gazette of RM no. 61/04… 23/2016)


The form / request can also be downloaded from the website of the Municipality