Normative certification of a catering facility

Type - Name of the service
Normative certification of a catering facility
Required documents
  1. Request to the Municipality of Delchevo, Sector for financial issues - ready form in OCU – which the citizen fills in
  2. Payment slip
  3. Menu
Administrative tax

Administrative tax
Amount: 300 denars
Account: 100000000063095
Payment account: 840 120 03182
Revenue code: 722315 00
Recipient: treasury account, Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo
Recipient Bank: NBRM
Purpose: verification of a norm

Receipt of the request

Municipal Service Center (MTC)

Place of realization

Sector for financial issues

Deadline for realization

Within 15 days from the day of receipt of the Request

Manner of submitting the service / document

In a way that the applicant has stated in the request, as follows:

  • Personal download from the archive - OCU by the submitter – service requester
  • By PTT mail
Required requirements
Deadline for appeal

An initial dispute may be initiated against the Decision of the Mayor within 30 days from the day of receipt of the Decision (Pursuant to Article 52 of the Law on Property Tax – Official Gazette of RM 61/04… 23/2016)

Legal basis

Law on Catering Activity (Official Gazette of RM no. 62/04 and 89/08)


The form / request can also be downloaded from the website of the Municipality