International tender for the photovoltaic power plant and the water treatment plant in Delchevo

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The project management unit "Delchevo Water Supply" at its sixth meeting gave the projections for the implementation of the infrastructure part of the project. The main topic of the meeting was the provision of technical documentation for the implementation of the infrastructure part of the project, followed by the topic of corporate development and the campaign to develop public awareness of the importance of water.

Martin Rauber, consultant from the consulting firm EBP from Switzerland, noted that the process is moving сo the planned pace and that two tenders are planned for the realization of the infrastructure part of the project.  

- We are deeply involved in the process. Work is underway on several parts, such as: the project for the water purification station, construction of two new reservoirs, project for new wells in both areas - Delchevo and Trabotivishte. It is also working on connecting the two villages Gabrovo and Zvegor to the water supply system of Delchevo, which will significantly improve the quality of water supply in these two villages. We hope to announce the tenders with which the two villages Zvegor and Gabrovo will be connected to the water supply system next month, while the international tender for the construction of the photovoltaic plant and the treatment plant for the reservoirs, which is a rather large tender, is planned to be announced in the middle of the month of April, said Rauber.

Project implementation "Water supply of Delchevo" started during 2018. The total value of the project is 7.3 million Swiss francs, of which 6 million are donations from the Swiss Confederation, while approximately 1.3 million Swiss francs are a domestic contribution of the Government through the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning., a 30,000 Swiss francs are an investment of Municipality of Delchevo.