Students from the primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski" visit the Municipality of Delchevo

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What are the competencies of a municipality, whether there are eco-patrols, where the water filter station in Delchevo will be located and what a working day of the mayor looks like, were just some of the questions asked by the students from the 4 departments of the primary school “St. Kliment Ohridski ”from Delchevo to schoololskiot hour after the subject opdamage which took place in the premises of the Municipality of Delchevo.

Within the subject Society, about 60 students today had a meeting with the Mayor Goran Trajkovski who introduced the students with the role and competencies of the Municipality and with the duties of the Mayor, the priority projects for realization and the way the departments and sectors in the Municipality of Delchevo function, but also answered their questions.

The visit of students to the Municipality of Delchevo and the Mayor is organized regularly within the subject society and in cooperation of the Municipality with educational institutions, and the goal is to inform students about the competencies of the municipality, its bodies, the way of decision making and so on.