The Municipality of Delchevo organized the first training for gender sensitization

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Teachers from the three educational institutions in the city today attended the training for gender sensitization of the teaching staff organized by the Municipality of Delchevo and the Commission for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women.

The training is in accordance with the Program for equal opportunities for women and men in the Municipality of Delchevo and the work of the EOC for 2020, on the topic "With education to gender sensitization of the teaching staff from the municipal primary and secondary schools for the purpose of giving a personal example and indirect education of the students ", and the educator is dMarija Risteska, expert in the field of gender policies, director of  Director of the Center for Gender Policy Research and Building-Skopje and member of UN Women.

Dr. Risteska expressed satisfaction that the Municipality of Delchevo independently and without the support of external institutions or organizations implements the Law on Equal Opportunities.

This is one of the champion municipalities, because without the help and support of external organizations, institutions or international assistance, they implement the Law on Equal Opportunities in the way required by the Law itself, which is to develop policies, action plans and programs. which will raise the gender equality of the municipality. This measure that we are implementing is a special measure that raises the awareness and knowledge of the entire teaching staff in the Municipality of Delchevo for gender equality. Our goal is to raise knowledge about gender concepts, to discuss methods and ways to deal with gender stereotypes in school and how to establish equal relations between boys and girls, said Risteska.

The training focused on gender mainstreaming in education, national norms for gender mainstreaming and the institutional framework, as well as the revision of knowledge on gender concepts.

The participants of the training from the Municipality of Delchevo will receive certificates for participation.

Otherwise, in the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo since the establishment of the CEO, this year for the first time funds are allocated for the implementation of activities provided in accordance with the strategic plans for gender equality between men and women in the Municipality of Delchevo.