Municipal waste containers placed in Razlovci for the first time

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Nine new containers were placed today in the most remote village in the Municipality of Delchevo, Razlovci, which for the first time this village receives containers for collecting municipal waste. The locations where the containers are placed are given as a proposal by the residents and in consultation with the competent services of the Municipality of Delchevo.  

With the placement of the containers in this Delchevo settlement, it is included in the work plan of PCE "Bregalnica" for regular cleaning of the deposited waste in the containers, which is expected to increase the awareness of the residents for the environment and to directly contribute to the fight against illegal landfills that are a big problem in Razlovci.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Delchevo, Goran Trajkovski, who was in Razlovci today and talked with the villagers, said that the installation of containers in Razlovci is part of his program to improve the cleanliness of the environment.

- We take care of the environment and plan and responsibly work to clean the illegal landfills. In that sense, I expect to solve the big problem with the illegal landfills in this village by setting up new containers. I expect from the residents with their personal example to contribute to the cleanliness of the village, to preserve the common good and for all problems related to waste, to be in direct communication with PCE "Bregalnica" responsible for regular garbage collection. I also want to emphasize that these days teams of PCE "Bregalnica" are working on clearing the illegal landfills created near the village, said Trajkovski.

Trajkovski announced that containers for municipal waste will be placed in other settlements, where so far no waste bins have been placed. 

Otherwise, the Municipality of Delchevo pFor the first time in more than a decade, it has procured new waste bins in order to improve the situation with waste management. 23 containers worth 371,000 denars were procured. The containers have a volume of 1.1 m3, nominal load 430 kg, and are handed over to PCE "Bregalnica" from where they will be transported to the planned locations, where old and damaged containers have been placed or not, and new containers are expected. for waste to contribute to better quality of municipal waste collection services.