36th Session of the Council of the Municipality of Delchevo was held

The advisors at today's regular 36th Session of the Council adopted the Conclusion for the execution of the Budget for the last quarter for 2019 which is 87.5%, ie from the total planned revenues of 291,929,112 denars, for the fourth quarter 254,514,946 denars were realized. Of these, in the Basic Budget, from the planned total current-operating and capital revenues in the amount of 118,999,700 denars. 105,541,822 denars were realized. or 88,7%. In the Budget of grants from planned 148,033,412 revenues, 136,515,852 or 92.2% were realized, in the Budget of donations of planned 7,529,000 denars, realized 2,728,197 denars, or 36.2% in the Budget of self-financing activities from planned17 .367.000 realized 10,632,786 denars or 61.2%.

Tax revenues were collected in the amount of MKD 30,716,853. out of a total planned 32,638,984 denars. or 94%. Non-tax revenues are planned in the amount of MKD 5,089,148. These are revenues from administrative fees and commissions, which were realized in the amount of MKD 5,225,035 (102.7%).

The capital income was collected in the amount of MKD 3,801,919. out of a total planned MKD 3,975,000 or 95,6%, which are the revenues from the sale of land, revenues from the lease of state-owned agricultural land, compensation for concessions for exploitation of mineral resources, compensation for determining the legal status of illegal built object-legalization.

            The total expenditures are planned in the amount of 291,929,112 denars. Of these, 254,514,946 or 87,5% were realized. In the Basic budget from the total planned 118,999,700 denars. 105,541,822 denars or 87% were realized.

            Capital expenditures were realized in the amount of 37,193,594 denars out of the planned 48,081,000 or 77.3%, while item 482 was realized 31,128,121 out of the planned 42,013,000 denars. or 74%, and some of them are deployed: MKD 1,778,248 were spent on project preparation; for construction of streets and roads – 13,324,556 denars; for reconstruction of streets and roads -12,589,360 den; for procurement of sewerage pipes - 274,593 denars; for compensation of confiscated property 4,775,886; construction and reconstruction of other facilities in the amount of MKD 564,441; repayment of the main debt for reconstruction of the kindergarten in the amount of 1,852,636 denars.

At today's Session of the Council, among other things, the councilors adopted the Waste Management Program of the Municipality of Delchevo for 2020, and made several decisions to determine the need for adoption of urban-planning documentation for illegally constructed buildings outside the planning scope.