Atmospheric sewage is being built on street 7 in the settlement SRC

Teams of PCE "Bregalnica" these days are working intensively on the construction of storm sewers on street 7 in the settlement SRC in Delchevo. The construction of a sewer in the length of about 250 meters is planned, and the installation will be connected to the riverbed of the river Bregalnica. So far, about 120 meters have been built, and pipes from FY 315 are being installed. The investment belongs to the Municipality of Delchevo.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Delchevo, Goran Trajkovski, together with the director of PCE "Bregalnica", Stojce Stojkovski, today inspected the works. Trajkovski noted that after the completion of the construction of the storm sewer, the construction of a 290-meter-long street with a dirt road will be started.

- The residents of this neighborhood have been looking for a solution to the road infrastructure for many years and today I am pleased to say that we are implementing projects that will improve the quality of life of citizens. After the completion of the works on the construction of the storm sewer, the construction of street 7 in SRC will start. which will get a completely new look on the paved street with a sidewalk and a complete system for storm water, said Trajkovski.

He added that the construction of this street is within the big infrastructure project "Improving the public municipal services in the Municipality of Delchevo which is realized through the project unit of the Ministry of Finance and the project for improvement of the municipal services MSIP financed through the World Bank. Within this project, The Municipality of Delchevo received funds for borrowing of 32,252,287 denars for the realization of the project, which means, in addition to the construction of a completely new street in SRC, reconstruction of streetth "Marshal Tito" with a length of 743 meters, reconstruction of the street "Vera Jocic" with a length of 599 meters, which through this project will reconstruct 1.3 kilometers of local streets, and a completely new street will be built in the length of 290 meters.

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of life of the local population from these streets, but also to all residents of Ohmunicipality of Delchevo.

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