About 10,000 spring flowers are planted in the parks in Delchevo

About 10,000 spring flowers are being planted on park areas in Delchevo these days. Spring flowers of the species of petunias, begonias, sardines, aegratum, tagetis, etc., are planted on the new park area at the Zito market, then at the monument to the fallen fighters, at Komercijalna Banka, at Ezerce Park, the park in Novo Delchevo, ASNM Park , Stopanska Banka and the boxes along the street near the shopping center "Pella". Park areas will receive new flower shops, flower pots and flower arrangements.

This year, for spring beautification of the city, about 5000 flowers were procured from the Municipality of Delchevo and PCE "Bregalnica", while the rest were produced by the company's own nursery.

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