In place of the old mini landfill built a new park in the center of Delchevo

Delchevo got a new park, horticulturally arranged and with appropriate urban equipment. This is the picture today at the old town market in the downtown area, where for years the appearance of the city has been disrupted by a mini landfill, ruined stairs and messy space. On the ground floor arrangement of the space with an area of about 200 m2, in the past period worked teams from PCE "Bregalnica" which, in addition to cleaning the space from the damaged concrete and garbage, laid behaton tiles and built paths, they arranged the space horticulturally, ie decorative seedlings and grass were planted, and the space was enriched with flower arrangements. Also, benches and trash cans have been set up, and in order to preserve the park and protect it from various wastes, infotables have been set up with a message to preserve the environment.

Earlier at this location were repaired and damaged stairs intended for connection to the main street "Marshal Tito".

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