Council of the Municipality of Delchevo: The Municipality of Delchevo will procure a new firefighting vehicle

"Procurement of a fire truck", is the priority project for which the councilors from the Delchevo Council at today's 41st Session made a Decision by which they give support and consent of O.Municipality of Delchevo for funds provided under a grant from the Municipal Services Improvement Project financed by a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), Component C: Performance Grants. The amount of the Performance Grant is value dependenton the successfully realized floorloans for project implementation "Improvement of public municipal services in O.Municipality of Delchevo - Reconstruction of municipal streets ", and cpurchased designed  value of the priority the project for procurement of a new firefighting vehicle e 7.491.824,00 MKD with VAT included, Funds provided by Component C: Performance Grants are in the amount of 7.191.824, 00 MKD, while funds in the amount of 300.000,00 will be provided from the Budget of O.municipality of Delchevo, as own participation.

At today's Session, the councilors They also gave their consent to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the Public Prosecutor's Office "Veseli Cvetovi" for exemption from reimbursement of the costs of stay in the institution which is borne by the parents. According to the Decision, the reimbursement of the expenses for the stay in the Kindergarten "Veseli Cvetovi" will not be charged from April 2020, ie. from the closure of the kindergarten due to the pandemic with COVID-19, so vè until its reopening.

The councilors today made a decision to determine the need to determine protection zones, protective measures and other conditions for water intended for human consumption for the accumulation "Loshana". The Decision obliges PCE "Bregalnica" to submit a request to the Government of RSM, to adopt a Decision on determining protection zones around the accumulation "Losana", as well as to submit a report on determining the boundaries of protection zones, protection measures and other conditions for water intended for human consumption. Otherwise, when all the necessary permits and documents are obtained, the reservoir will be fenced, information boards and warning signs will be placed, which will have strictly controlled access to the reservoir.

Among other items on the agenda, the councilors at the 41st Session also considered Quarterly report on the execution of the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo for the period 01.01.2020 to 31.03.2020, and adopted a Decision on awarding scholarships to students declared the leaders of the generation in municipal schools;