By the end of the year, all readers in the Delchevo library of electronic records

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Until January 1, 2021, all members of the Public Library "Ilinden" from Delchevo will be in the electronic records of the library. Since the introduction of electronic book publishing, 9 months ago, 313 members have been electronically registered, and the remaining 200 members will be transferred to the electronic records system by the end of this year. This was pointed out by the director of JLB "Ilinden", Biljana Petrovska, who said that the electronic publishing of books to readers is much easier and more practical, and the library has insight into the published literature and easily identifies people who for any reason did not return the borrowed titles. .

- From the total book fund of the library, 20,600 books have been entered in COBISS so far, but there are also older books that are entered in this system every day. The two primary schools in the city have submitted a list of textbooks that will be processed in this school year and the library these days procures the textbooks that are missing or damaged. At the beginning of August from the Ministry of Education and Science, the library received new professional literature from almost all fields, which is being processed and from September will be available for students and all those who need professional literature, said Petrovska.

Petrovska pointed out that JLB "Ilinden" in the past period has been investing in modernization and improvement of working conditions, but also enriching the book fund with new titles.

– I want to emphasize that the Delchevo library has all the new titles from almost all publishing houses, new reading editions and picture books for the youngest have been procured. But, I especially want to emphasize that for the first time church literature has been procured, and I emphasize once again that the library abounds with many titles of professional literature for students, said Petrovska.

For the last two years, the library has been operating a new reading room, created from an abandoned and unused room, which is now dominated by shelves full of professional literature.

- We regularly find ways to keep the rich literary fund in appropriate conditions for which we are constantly making new shelves. We also introduced software accounting, networking of all employees, and an office for the administrative service was equipped, we repaired part of the roof above the library. We are saving funds and then reinvesting them in things we need, said Petrovska.