The Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle was marked in Delchevo

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Today, the Municipality of Delchevo celebrated the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, October 23, with an appropriate ceremony. On that occasion, the members of KUD "Goce Delchev" from Delchevo prepared a report on the significance of this holiday, and in front of the monument of Goce Delchev in the city center, a delegation from the Municipality of Delchevo and the Municipal Council bowed and laid bouquets of fresh flowers. Delchevo, as well as representatives of institutions, political parties and citizens' associations.

Otherwise, October 23 is written in history as the day of the founding of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. According to historical data, on October 23, 1893, the foundations of the organization were laid in Thessaloniki, which would become a symbol of the Macedonians' struggle for freedom. The founders were: Hristo Tatarchev, Dame Gruev, Petar Pop Arsov, Ivan Hadzi Nikolov, Anton Dimitrov and Hristo Batandziev. They formed a conspiracy group, calling it the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee.

The organization fought for the liberation of Macedonia on its own, without outside help. The formation of the MRO meant the beginning of the organized Macedonian revolutionary movement which through Ilinden in 1903, and then through the National Liberation War resulted in the creation of a modern independent Macedonian state. This date, October 23, symbolizes the continuity of the Macedonian struggle for independence.

The event was organized in compliance with the protocols and measures for prevention of covid 19.