Financial assistance for each first grader

The Municipality of Delchevo from September 2020 introduces a new measure which means support for parents whose child starts the educational process.

Every family that enrolled their child – first grader in the primary school on the territory of the Municipality of Delchevo has the right to one-time assistance for the first grader. The amount of financial aid for each first grader is 3,000 denars.

The procedure for granting financial aid for a first grader is initiated by submitting a written request to the Archives of the Municipality of Delchevo. The submitter also signs a statement on the use of his personal data in the procedure for exercising and exercising the right to financial assistance, and submits the following documents:

  • Request and statement
  • Valid ID card of one of the parents;
  • Birth certificate for the child;
  • Certificate for enrolled student in first grade certified by the primary school;
  • Applicant's transaction account.

The request for exercising the right to financial aid for a first grader is submitted within three months from the beginning of the school year.