The new local community of v. Virce carried out an action for cleaning the local road for the village. Whirlpool

The newly formed Local Community in the village. Virce self-initiated and in coordination with the Municipality of Delchevo conducted an action to clean the local road that leads to the village, which is 3 km long. The action used tools and mechanization owned by the villagers, and the action included cleaning the local road from dirt, grass, wood waste, wild trees or other types of waste. Parallel to the entire local road, sand is placed, which widens the road with the sidewalks and is now about 7 m.

With this activity, as informed by the President of the Ministry of Health from the village. Virce, Tose Ilievski, will increase traffic safety on this section, but also gives a good example of social responsibility to each individual.

– This action will be one of the many we plan in the village, because we can not and should not always wait from the Municipality, the most important thing is that we have the support of the Mayor Goran Trajkovski and the Municipality of Delchevo for these actions. Let this activity serve as an example for all other local and urban communities, said Ilievski.

Representatives of the local community from v. Virce were received today by the Mayor of Delcevo who supported the activities of the Ministry of Health and announced an increase in the number of street lighting, cleaning of dirt roads in the village and construction of streets in the village for which project documentation is currently being prepared.