Public call for allocation of funds to civil society organizations announced

The Municipality of Delchevo today announced the Public Call for granting financial assistance to citizens' associations from the Municipality of Delchevo for 2020. This year in the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo are provided 400,000 denars for this purpose, ie together with the funds intended for sports associations and clubs, in the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo for 2020 are provided 1,250,000 denars.

According to the Rulebook for conditionsthe manner and procedure for granting financial assistance to sports clubs, sports associationslegal entities in the field of sports and citizens' associations (Official Gazette of the Municipality of Delchevo no. 2/2018) the right to participate in the call had all civil associations that are registered on the territory of the Municipality of Delchevoа пpriority areas and goals for project financingand program activities are: local economic development; the technique; educationthat; cultureandartsocial protectionenvironmental protection. Priority will be given to events that are implemented on the territory of the Municipality of Delchevo, and pright to participate have all citizens' associations registered in accordance with the Law on Associations and Foundations, at least 2 years before the announcement of the call and eand operate on the territoryand of the Municipality of Delchevo.

The application together with documentation is submitted to the archive of the Municipality Delchevo, by mail or in electronic form.

The application deadline is 15 days, ie from 13.01.2020 to 27.01.2020.

More detailed information on the Public Call of the following link