Cultural events on the occasion of St. Cyril and Methodius

Due to the current situation, all planned cultural events on the occasion of the holiday dedicated to the all-Slavic educators, the Thessalonian brothers Cyril and Methodius, who are the patron saints of the city, have been canceled.

On that occasion, Mayor Goran Trajkovski said that canceling the planned events in accordance with the Culture Program for 2020, is an obligation of the Municipality of Delchevo and a contribution to the preservation of collective health, but Delchevo always celebrates May 24 with special piety.

- I send congratulations to all citizens of Delchevo on the occasion of the upcoming holiday of the city, when the holy patron saints of Delchevo are celebrated. In this time of health crisis, the health of all citizens is a priority, and as a municipality we have an obligation and we always put the health of all, above alland something else. We will hold the planned events in the next period by improving the situation, said Trajkovski.

He emphasized that Delchevo pays homage to the saints Cyril and Methodius proudly glorifying them as protectors of the city, having long ago paid homage to the saints.

- On this occasion, I would like to remind you that at the suggestion of His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Bregalnica, Hilarion, Delchevo receives the Slavic brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius for their saints. Guided by the idea of Delchevo's connection as a city through which Bregalnica flows and the Bregalnica mission, with descriptions of the ambience in the Pannonian legends and the fact that in the Eastern region, where the work of Cyril and Methodius is connected, Delchevo did not have its own patron saints, gave the proposal that this bright day, the Day of the Holy Brothers, Cyril and Methodius, be the patron saint of the city, thus enlightening us and forever unbreakable, tying us to the name of the all-Slavic educators. With that, Delchevo got holy protectors who, I believe, give their souls to everything we do. The positive energy and the good idea to follow the inhabitants of this city and again and undoubtedly to deeply weave the primordial, said Trajkovski.

Otherwise, in Delchevo The first church dedicated to the Thessalonian brothers was demolished in 1961, and today the roof structure of the new cathedral dedicated to the city's saints is being built intensively. which with its size and architectural solution, will be the only church in the region. The funds for the construction of the facade of the church that ended last year, as well as the roof of the church, are a donation from Delchevo's friend, Dr. Milen Vrabevski and the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, and part of the funds raised by donors from Delchevo. 

Otherwise, kThe fact that today they are patrons of Europe – recognition given by the Vatican in order to emphasize their importance for the unity of the peoples of Europe speaks volumes about the importance of the mission of the holy brothers.

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