The locations where election posters will be displayed in Delchevo have been determined

The political parties participating in the 2020 Parliamentary elections, today in Delchevo, agreed to respect the established places for election posters without compensation. The political parties participating in the elections have been assigned appropriate locations in accordance with the Decision adopted by the Council of the Municipality of Delchevo, which determines the places for displaying election posters of the organizers of the election campaign, as well as the Electoral Code.

In addition to representatives of the Municipality of Delchevo and the Ministry of Interior Delchevo, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Coalition "We Can", VMRO DPMNE and the Coalition "Renewal of Macedonia", while representatives of political parties INTEGRA and PP "Voice for Macedonia", although announced participation, no attended the meeting. The Municipality of Delchevo will mark the space designated for advertising material of the political parties tomorrow.

In accordance with the Decision adopted by the Council of the Municipality of Delchevo, the following locations for displaying election posters in the Municipality of Delchevo have been determined:

A) in the city of Delchevo:

  • - in front of the headquarters of the political parties, each party can place an assembly-dismantling advertising board with maximum dimensions of 2x1 meter;
  • & #8211; retaining wall at the high school "MM Brico";
  • - Resistance wall on “Makedonija” Blvd.
  • -support wall of M5 under the customs terminal;
  • - supporting wall on Pere Toshev Street;

B) In the other settlements, the election posters can be displayed on buildings owned by the Municipality of Delchevo, but also on other residential and private buildings with the prior consent of the owner of the building.

The Municipality of Delchevo appeals to the political parties for fair and democratic elections, and respect for the code for fair elections.

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