The snow in Delchevo is being cleaned intensively

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The teams of JPKD "Bregalnica" and the Economic Operation "Euro-concrete" v. The city that is in charge of winter maintenance of the municipal roads and streets in the area of the Municipality of Delchevo, since this morning they are working on a field for clearing the snow from the roads and sidewalks on the city streets.

Roads and streets are cleaned in accordance with the priority list, and the Plan envisages winter maintenance of roads with asphalt road to cover roads in the length of 82.5 km, municipal roads with macadam road 42 km and streets with asphalt road in the length of 38.5 km.

We appeal to the citizens to fulfill their civic duty and to clear the snow from the accesses to their facilities, ie yards. Special appeal is made to the legal entities to clean the part in front of their facilities in order to enable smooth movement and access to the facilities.

Otherwise, the situation will be monitored in the next period and will be reacted in time if there is new rain.