Access ramps are being built on the pedestrian bridge in Delchevo

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Intensive work is being done on the construction of access ramps on the first pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica. According to the project, the access ramps of the pedestrian bridge are composed of a pedestrian ramp and stairs made of concrete, and paved with ceramic tiles. Access ramps will receive adequate lighting with candelabra.

If the weather conditions allow, the contractor, the company SD TRANS from v. Zvegor, he should finish the work in two months at the latest.

The value of the works is 3.5 million denars, and funds are provided from the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo.

With the construction of the access ramps, the infrastructure project is completely completed "Enrichment of the tourist offer with the construction of a pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica in Delchevo“. Last year, the pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica was built who connects the old with the new part of the city, but represents and an ornament of the city and is part of the tourist package of Delchevo. Also last year, the construction of a 120-meter-long access street was completed, giving the pedestrian bridge a complete infrastructure whole.