New containers in Delchevo

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For the first time in more than a decade, new waste containers have been procured in the Municipality of Delchevo. To improve the situation with waste management, the Municipality of Delchevo procured 23 containers worth 371,000 denars. The containers have a volume of 1.1 m3, nominal load 430 kg, and are handed over to PCE "Bregalnica" from where they will be transported to the planned locations, where old and damaged containers have been placed or not, and new containers are expected. for waste to contribute to better quality of municipal waste collection services.

In accordance with the conducted Public Procurement "Procurement and delivery of metal containers for waste", a Contract for procurement and delivery of metal containers was concluded with the Company for technical testing, control and analysis "TECHNICAL INSTITUTE MACEDONIA" DOO Negotino.

Otherwise, through a project of LAG Malesh-Pijanec, Delchevo expects new waste bins. Currently, a procedure is being implemented for procurement of urban equipment - park bins for waste, waste containers and containers for waste selection worth 880,000 denars. All these activities will contribute to Improving the quality of life of citizens with an emphasis on better waste management which is one of the main problems in the region.