Flowers and a book for the regular readers from JLB "Ilinden"

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On the occasion of March 8, Women's Day, JLB "Ilinden" organized a meeting with the oldest category of readers in order to express their gratitude for their faithful friendship with books by giving them flowers and a book on the eve of International Women's Day.

The director of JLB "Ilinden", Biljana Petrovska, said that traditionally JLB on the occasion of Women's Day organizes meetings with different categories of readers, and this year, special attention was paid to the oldest category of readers.

– The library on the occasion of the holiday giftува a book and a modest gift, all as an appeal to all our fellow citizens, not only to members of the fairer sex, to love the book, read and comefin the library. Our guests today prove that a good book and reading know no years, times, boundaries and obstacles. At the same time, On behalf of JLB "Ilinden" I would like to congratulate all members of the fairer sex Дthe woman and this time to emphasize again that the woman deserves to be every day 8 Мart, not just one day a year, pointed out Petrovska