The pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica in Delchevo was put into use

- We decided to build bridges, to connect, to facilitate access, to break down obstacles and that is why today I am especially proud, because with the support of the friends of Delchevo, we managed to fulfill a decade-long wish of Delcevo, said the mayor of Delchevo, Goran Trajkovski, at the ceremony organized on the occasion of the commissioning of the first pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica in Delchevo. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Local Self-Government, Goran Milevski, the director of the Center for Development of the East Planning Region, Dragica Zdraveva, as well as representatives of institutions and citizens of Delchevo.

Mayor Trajkovski pointed out that there is nothing impossible when there is a firmly set goal, to build and put into operation and to give to the citizens a facility that will last and serve the generations of citizens who will live along the river Bregalnica.

-Today, the bridge is a reality thanks to the support of The Ministry of Local Self-Government of R.С. Macedonia and Deskthat for regional development, through the Center for Development of EPR, and after the Program for balanced regional development for 2018 and by hosting the municipal budget, said Trajkovski.

The value of the bridge is 8.2 million denars. About 60 percent of the value is provided with funds from the project for development of the East Planning Development Region, through the Bureau for Regional Development, and the remaining 40 percent is provided with co-financing from the Municipality of Delchevo.
Minister Goran Milevski said that the realization of this project is an example to follow and other municipalities for to urbanize their places and thus the inhabitants to have a better quality of life.

 The Ministry of Local Self-Government will continue to take care of the municipalities, and through them the citizens through its programsThe construction of the pedestrian bridge has been a priority for the citizens at the forum sessions for years., so that is now a reality. This bridge in Delchevo connects the old with the new part of the city, but it is also an ornament of the city and is part of the tourist package of Delchevo. Given the situation and the pandemic in our country, this year I invite all citizens to visit this eastern town and enjoy the beautiessaid Milevski.

The director of the Center for Development of EPR Dragica Zdraveva thanked for the successfully completed work for this important line facility for Delchevo.

- I am pleased that the contractor company "Zikol", with the involvement of experts from Centar and the Municipality of Delchevo, complied with all construction regulations and I expect in the future with additional projects to help develop the Municipality of Delchevo, said Zdraveva.

With the villageThe construction of the bridge will increase the safety of pedestrians and will be significantly closer to more institutions, such as kindergarten, primary school "Vanco Prke", Municipality of Delchevo, the city market and all factories located in the industrial part of the city.. The construction of the bridge has additional value, because the Municipality of Delchevo has additional investments for the construction of access ramps and an access street that connects the local institutions, and its construction is part of the project "Enrichment of the tourist offer".

The event was organized in compliance with the measures for protection and prevention of covid infection 19.