Appeal from Mayor Trajkovski: respect the measures for coronavirus protection

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Due to the increasing number of positive cases of coronavirus in Delchevo and people in self-isolation, Mayor Trajkovski appealed to citizens to respect the measures for protection against coronavirus and with their personal example to contribute to preserving collective health.

I once again appeal to all citizens, to observe the protection measures, to wear face masks, to maintain distance and regular disinfection of hands, but above all, no clusters. What is happening in the restaurants and cafes in Delchevo, only once again shows the irresponsibility of individuals that can lead to a situation when the epidemic in the country is calming down, to start heating up here. Delchevo was a city where for months there was not a single case of coronavirus. Therefore, I appeal to personal responsibility to every single resident of the municipality, do not endanger the health of your parents and friends, because no one can protect youneither the local, nor the state, nor the WHO, if you do not do it yourself.

From this disease no one is not immune; Observe the measures; Wear protective masks; Keep social distance; Do not group; But, especially if someone has symptoms of the disease or is without symptoms, but has had contact with infected people, be sure to take a test and to immediately isolate itself, regardless of the fact that the results are not ready. By doing so, you are protecting your loved ones, friends, neighbors, the whole citysaid Trajkovski.

He added that the Municipality of Delchevo, in addition to regular disinfection of streets and public buildings and areas, will also make emergency disinfection.