Reaction from the Mayor Trajkovski to the text entitled "Appeal to the Mayor of Delchevo! Do not appeal - act! "Published on the website of Channel 5

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As the Mayor of the Municipality of Delchevo, together with the Municipal Crisis Staff since the appearance of the first case of coronavirus in the country, we act and undertake a series of measures and activities that were initially acted in recent months. That is, regular disinfection of streets, public buildings and areas, distribution of donations of masks for protection of citizens and disinfectants, as well as measures analogous to the recommendations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases and the Government of RSM. All activities are timely informed to the public, but also appealed in order to reach each individual and to emphasize personal responsibility in a time of pandemic for collective health. In that context is today's appeal.

In that sense, it is extremely incorrect for Channel 5 to twist the statement and show it in a different light. The journalists from Kanal 5 should know the competencies of the Municipality and the Mayor and they should know that the Ministry of Interior and the competent inspection services do not act on the order of the Mayor, ie the Mayor and the Local Self-Government do not have the legal right to control compliance with cornavirus protection measures. in cafes, restaurants, factories, etc.

Gone are the days when companies and businessmen were punished by order of the people in power and I, as the mayor, have absolutely no intention to give such directions to the inspection services and to interfere in their work.

As Mayor and in cooperation with the CSO, I will continue to take all measures that are in my competence and in the interest of the citizens of the Municipality of Delchevo.

With respect,

Municipality of Delchevo
Goran Trajkovski