The streets in the settlement Basarica are being asphalted

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Recently, the asphalting of the streets in the settlement Basarica started, which started the final phase of the realization of the project which covered the construction of the first streets in the settlement in the length of 1 km. The Mayor Goran Trajkovski inspected the works today, emphasizing that the realization of the projects continues with the planned pace.

- I am pleased that we are implementing capital projects that mean a better quality of life for citizens. These days, the laying of the asphalt has started and I expect the works to be completed in a few days, so that the settlement Basarica gets a new urban look as each settlement deserves. I want to express great satisfaction that we have solved another big problem for the residents of this neighborhood who have been trampling on mud for decades and living in dust, said Trajkovski.

In Basarica, 6 streets were built in the length of 1 km with a width of 6 m and sidewalks with a width of 1.5 m for greater safety of pedestrians.

I want to emphasize that, when it comes to this neighborhood, the construction of the streets will not end with this project. Namely, we have designed all the streets in the settlement and cIn the next period, efforts will be made for complete completion of the infrastructural problems in the settlement.said Trajkovski.

Trajkovski reminded that previously in the settlement was built storm sewer along the streets that are under construction, but also fecal sewer on the stretch Basarica-s. Field in the length of 2 km.

The value of the road infrastructure and sewerage project in the settlement is around 25 million denars, funds from the Program for financial support of rural development through  Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development.