Congratulations from the mayor for the beginning of the school year 2020/21

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Dear students,

In very specific conditions, the new school year begins today. As never before, we are faced with providing a health-safe educational process for all students and all teachers. Therefore, we should be responsible, disciplined, follow the recommendations and make efforts, all together to make this process successful, because education is important and there is no alternative to it, it paves the way for your future.

The sooner we accept the new normality in which we live and work and the more sincerely we all invest in the educational process, whether it takes place online or in person, the sooner we will achieve results.

 I especially want to emphasize that today is a holiday of all children who sit in school for the first time, of their parents, but also of all of us, because today a new generation is sailing in the educational process. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the global health crisis imposed the first lesson of this generation to be responsibility and care for their own and the health of every classmate and teacher.

 Let's wish them of our first graders, easily cope with challenges and easily find hidden treasure which is called knowledge in their school.

To help them, to be successful students, who will happily master the tasks and will discover the beauties of friendship, knowledge every day.

I wish HAPPY BEGINNING of the school year to all first graders and students.

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