Mayor Trajkovski: Teaching in Delchevo takes place without problems

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Dear citizens,

The academic year 2020/2021 takes place in very specific conditions and takes place according to protocols that mean a safe educational process. The first school days showed that the teaching in Delchevo takes place without problems and those in charge in the schools and we as a Municipality, make every effort to continue the teaching process smoothly and, at the same time, to solve all problems that will arise in technical terms in from.

I would like to emphasize that in the past period, in cooperation with the NGO sector, 50 tablets were distributed in schools, which are distributed to students living at social risk, and in the coming days another 30 will be distributed, part through a project implemented by NGO from Delchevo with financial support from the Government and part through the Municipality and the schools, which I appreciate that we will completely solve this problem. Schools have designated providers in time to receive Internet services that mean a smooth distance learning process.

Regarding the students who attend classes with physical presence, I want to emphasize that all protocols are respected, and the Municipality of Delchevo together with the educational institutions are undoubtedly focused on providing a safe educational process for all students and all teachers.

In this period we should all be responsible, disciplined, follow the recommendations and make efforts, all together to make this process successful, because education is important and there is no alternative to it, it is the strongest link that keeps young people on the right path. and traces their future.

The sooner we accept the new normality in which we live and work and the more sincerely we all invest in the educational process, whether it takes place online or in person, the sooner we will achieve results.

At the same time, I would like to congratulate the educators on the International Teacher's Day, October 5. This October 5 is special, and the current school year is a real challenge for every educator.

Dear colleagues, teachers, professors, your noble and humane activity, your profession that ennobles and opens the doors in the life of students, is irreplaceable. Invest in the process to the maximum and the results will be visible.

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