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With the message "teachers thank you" today the students of the first and second grade from the primary school "Vancho Prke" congratulated their teachers on the International Teacher's Day October 5.

Through children's songs and games in the schoolyard and lots of smiles, but also with respect to protocols, the students thanked for the noble activity of the teachers from this school, where 160 students attend classes with physical presence, and 23 students in the regional schools.

On the occasion of the International Teacher's Day, the Deputy Director of the Primary School "Vanco Prke", Mariana Stojmenovska said that the current pandemic brought new challenges for teachers.

Our profession has taught us to keep up with modern flows, but also to preserve dignity, experience and work, to face everything that means change. The revitalization of educationthe educational process is our primary goal. The decisions made by the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the new type of distance learning, we master it and together with our students we have a successful internet communication. We are most grateful to our students who at the beginning of the school year realized that learning and knowledge is their light in the tunnel from which we want to emerge as moral winners. To preserve our health and to be responsible for the tasks and the new teaching contents, pointed out Stoimenovska.

In honor of today, Mayor Trajkovski sent congratulations to all educators emphasizing the great importance of the teaching profession.

-This October 5 is special, and the current school year is a real challenge for every educator. Dear colleagues, teachers, professors, your noble and humane activity, your profession that ennobles and opens the doors in the life of students, is irreplaceable. Invest in the process to the maximum and the results will be visible, said Trajkovski.

 An appropriate event on the occasion of the International Teacher's Day was organized in the primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski".
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