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We have been working together for three years to build Delchevo - a better place to live and at the end of my three-year term I can freely say that we have worked dedicatedly, responsibly and to the maximum, investing in solving many open issues from all walks of life, often put "under the rug" by my predecessors andwe managed to answer crucial questions in Delchevo, we realized all the promised capital investments, we built road infrastructure on the territory of the Municipality of Delchevo in the length of over 18 km, we solved decades of problems that improve the quality of life.

This was stated by Mayor Trajkovski at a press conference held on the occasion of the report of the local government, where he spoke about the implemented projects, cooperation with the Council of Delcevo and improving the effectiveness of the municipal administration.

 Realized projects:

  1. Reconstruction of st. "Marshal Tito" from the restaurant Trla to the Taushan neighborhood (construction of retaining walls and culverts);
  2. Reconstruction of Vera Jocic Street is underway;
  3. Construction of a new street in the SRC neighborhood;
  4. Construction of streets of 1 km in the settlement Basarica;
  5. Construction of fecal sewerage in the settlement Basarica-v. Poleto;
  6. Atmospheric sewerage in the settlement Milkovo Brdo;
  7. Atmospheric sewerage in the settlement "Basarica"
  8. Atmospheric sewerage on the street in SRC;
  9. Atmospheric sewerage on the street in the settlement Prolet;
  10. Construction of a new water supply line in us. Basarica;
  11. The first pedestrian bridge on the river Bregalnica was built with accompanying facilities;
  12. The city chapel was built;
  13. Final preparations for construction of a modern city market;
  14. Rehabilitation of the transit boulevard "Macedonia" in Delchevo;
  15. Rehabilitation of the state road A3 s. Zvegor-Delchevo Border Crossing;
  16. Completion of the local road Iliovo-Turija, section of the village. Turija to the village. Trust;
  17. Reconstruction of the regional road Delchevo-Bigla-Vinica;
  18. Rehabilitation of the regional road Delchevo-Pehchevo;
  19. Reconstruction of st. "Svetozar Markovic";
  20. Reconstruction of st. "Marshal Tito";
  21. Reconstruction of "Pitu Guli" street;
  22. Traffic signalization on the reconstructed streets;
  23. Construction of "Residential Street 4";
  24. Reconstruction of part of st. "Makedonska" in the settlement Milkovo Brdo;
  25. Construction of the first street in the settlement "Prolet";
  26. Construction of part of the street "Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov" in the center of Delchevo;
  27. Built street in the village of Gabrovo;
  28. Reconstruction of a branch of the street "Kay on Bregalnica";
  29. Construction of st. "Ilindenska" with retaining walls;
  30. Construction of st. "Goce Delchev" and "Pijanecka" in the village. Workshop;
  31. Construction of a street in the village. Razlovtsi;
  32. The construction of a street in the village is in progress. City;
  33. Construction of pedestrian paths and sidewalks;
  34. Construction of a branch on Orce Nikolov Street;
  35. Regular rehabilitation and cleaning of access roads in the villages;
  36. A new GUP of Delchevo is being prepared;


  1. Improved web transparency and budget transparency of the Municipality of Delchevo;
  2. 2.5 tons of activated carbon laid for the first time and 18 tons of quartz sand; (11,000 euros);
  3. Procurement of machines and equipment in PCE "Bregalnica" in the amount of 14 million denars;
  4. Construction of a new park - horticulturally arranged on the site of an old illegal landfill in the center of Delchevo;
  5. The realization of the big project "Water Supply of Delchevo" is in progress; (7.3 million Swiss francs);
  6. New drainage installed with water intake from the river Rakitina in the village. Razlovtsi;
  7. Reconstruction of water supply network in v. Gabrovo;
  8. Construction of fecal sewerage in the village. Field;
  9. Construction of fecal sewerage in the village. Stammer;
  10. Extension of fecal sewage in the village. City;
  11. Construction of a retaining wall on st. "Plachkovica";
  12. Access paths in the First region, in the village. Zvegor, Gabrovo, Star Rasadnik, City Chapel;
  13. Procurement of garbage bins and containers;
  14. For the first time placed waste bins in the village. Razlovtsi;
  15. We take care of the environment, organize regular actions for cleaning the illegal landfills, expand the green public areas, horticultural arrangement of the public areas, we built a new park-horticulturally arranged on the place of the old illegal landfill in the center of Delchevo;
  16. Protected as natural rarities are three sites in Delchevo and are put in the function of tourism with strictly defined rules and appropriate protection: Kiselica Cave, Paleontological site near Stamer and geological profile near Zvegor;
  17. We strengthen the volunteerism-action for a cleaner and more beautiful Delchevo;
  18. Replacement of 760 street lamps with LED lamps in Delchevo and 7 settlements;
  19. Investments in new lines for street lighting and increase of the number of street lamps in all settlements in the municipality;
  20. Photovoltaic power plants installed on three public buildings: administrative building of the Municipality of Delchevo, primary school "Vanco Prke" primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski;
  21. Procurement of personal protection equipment in TPPE;
  22. Procurement of a new firefighting vehicle is in progress;
  23. Rehabilitation of the spatial conditions of the premises of TPPE;
  24. Increasing the number and amount of student scholarships; (paid 1.54 million denars);
  25. New measure - one-time financial assistance to every first grader in Delchevo;
  26. Organized trainings for advanced technologies, robotics and entrepreneurship;
  27. In cooperation with NGOs, 70 tablets were awarded to students living at social risk;


SOU MM Brico

  1. An energy-efficient facade of the high school "MM Brico" was built; (2.4 million days);
  2. Made a modern workshop for the needs of the food profession in the high school "MM Brico"; (450,000 denars);
  3. A new water supply line has been installed for the needs of the big sports hall; (MKD 92,000);
  4. Procurement of laptops and tablets for the needs of the high school "MM Brico"; (400,000);


OJUDG "Veseli cvetovi"

  1. Complete reconstruction of the sewerage network in the part of the kitchen next to the main drain, reconstruction of the kitchen and procurement of kitchen appliances in the Public Utility Company "Veseli cvetovi";
  2. Reconstruction of the roof and part of the facade in OJUDG "Veseli cvetovi";
  3. Preparations for opening a kindergarten in other premises, one playroom with legally accompanying premises in the village of Razlovci and in the area of the primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski" Delchevo;
  4. Purchased toys and teaching aids for all educational groups, swings and relaxers for babies in the nursery;
  5. A vehicle for food distribution was procured in the Public Enterprise "Veseli cvetovi"; (Investments in kindergarten 2.25 million denars);

Primary school "Vancho Prke"

  1. Reconstruction of the sports hall and the entrances to the primary school "Vancho Prke"; (2 million days);
  2. Construction of a yard fence at the school "Vancho Prke"; (550,000 denars);
  3. Prepared basic project for construction of energy-efficient facade of the primary school "Vancho Prke";
  4. Rehabilitation of the floors and installation of laminate in the classrooms in the primary school in the village. Zvegor;
  5. Replacement of carpentry-doors and windows in the primary school "Vancho Prke";
  6. Replacement of carpentry-doors and windows in the primary school "Vancho Prke";

Primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski"

  1. In the primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski" a procedure for construction of the school fence is underway, worth 1.2 million denars;
  2. A project has been developed for the adaptation of the attic of the school "St. Kliment Ohridski" and putting it into function of education.
  3. Reconstruction of part of the school building in the primary school in the village. Workshop and planned replacement of wooden carpentry;
  4. Procured IT equipment for the needs of distance learning,
  5. Horticultural landscaping and maintenance of the school yard;

     JLB "Ilinden"

  1. Introduction of electronic publishing of books in JLB "Ilinden"
  2. Electronic records and book processing in the KOBIS system;
  3. Investments in inventory, shelves, offices, procurement of equipment for modernization of working conditions in JLB "Ilinden";
  4. Increased the book fund of JLB "Ilinden" with new titles, purchased and church literature and children's literature;
  5. Equipped modern reading room at JLB "Ilinden";

       Culture and cooperation with the NGO sector

  1. Organization of concerts and exhibitions within the Delchevo Summer;
  2. Organized scientific forum on the occasion of 1150 years since the death of Cyril the Philosopher;
  3. Multifunctional center for the benefit of the citizens and the Council of the Municipality of Delchevo;
  4. Wedding hall
  5. The mountaineering trail Golak-Vinica was arranged and marked, as well as the mountaineering trail for Kukuljeto in the village. New Owner;
  6. Support for sports clubs and citizens' associations;
  7. Strategic documents: Strategy for gender equality of the municipalities of Delchevo, Berovo and Pehchevo, as well as Action Plan of the Municipality of Delchevo; External communication strategy of the Municipality of Delchevo; Strategy for cooperation with the civil sector in the Municipality; Social Protection Strategy, and we are currently working on an LED Strategy for 2021-25.
  8. Certificate of social responsibility;
  9. Completion of the church "St. Cyril and Methodius" (facade and roof);
  10. Rich New Year decoration;
  11. Activities for protection of the population from covid 19 and humanitarian actions for socially endangered families;

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