World Day of Remembrance for Road Accident Victims Celebrated

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The Prevention Department at SIA Stip in cooperation with the Republic Institute for Road Traffic Safety, today in Delchevo realized it campaignand intended for traffic participants with what was involved in the celebration of the World Day of Remembrance of Road Accident Victims.

Statistics say that This year, in the area of the Eastern region, a significant reduction of the victims and injured in these traffic accidents has been registered.

- In the area of SIA Stip, where the municipalities Delchevo, Berovo, Pehchevo and Makedonska Kamenica fall, until October we have 16 traffic accidents and 17 dead people. We express our gratitude to the mayors of the municipalities of Delchevo Berovo and Pehchevo, where today on their territory are realized these preventive activities for the contribution which they give to improve road infrastructure, thus directly affected for safer participation of all traffic participants, he said Angelcho Stojanovski from the Department of Prevention.

Last year in the country, as added by Risto Manchev from the Republic Council for Road Traffic Safety, are 132 fatalities were registered in traffic accidents and 5164 were injured.

The obligation of the mayors in relation to this campaign is to work on projects for better road infrastructure and realization of a larger number of traffic projects., said Trajkovski.

- Regarding this campaign, all mayors are trying to have their contribution so that it is not only this day when it is emphasized this current problem. What we need to do is to take care every day to improve the conditions and quality of life of the citizens. through with improvement and modernization of infrastructure. In that direction, we must try to provide and prepare traffic projects for installation of vertical and traffic signals on the streets we are building, so that both pedestrians and drivers can be safer, said Trajkovski..

SIA Stip and the Republic Council for road traffic safety realize today's activity on the initiative of the World Health Organization which is celebrated every year every third week in November.