The Municipality of Delchevo procures an off-road vehicle for firefighting

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The Municipality of Delchevo today announced a Call for bids for procurement of an off-road vehicle for firefighting. The call for bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this Project published in the UN Development Business edition, no. WB3498-08 / 16 and is part of the Municipal Services Improvement Project for which the Republic of Macedonia received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In that sense, the Municipality of Delchevo will use part of the funds received from this loan for payment under a contract for procurement of goods– Procurement of an off-road vehicle for firefighting.

Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures as specified in World Bank Guidelines: Purchasing Funds Received from IBRD Loans and IDA Loans, and is open to all Bidders from eligible countries, as defined in the tender documentation. Bids should to be submitted to the address of Municipality of Delchevost. "Svetozar Markovic" no.1, archive, Municipality of Delchevo, no later than 12:00 h (local time) on 30/12/2020.

Interested bidders can inspect the tender documentation at the following address: st. "Svetozar Markovic" no. 1, from 08:00 to 14:00 no later than 30.12.2020.

You will get more details about the published offer on the next one link

 Otherwise, the procurement of the fire extinguishing vehicle has been determined as a priority and is a result of the implemented methodology of the World Bank "Urban Audit" and the additional survey of citizens from local and urban communities. The priority appears as a need of the citizens, due to the great material damages caused by forest and urban fires in the past period, but also the old mechanization, ie the old fire-fighting vehicles available to TPPE Delchevo. This procurement will solve the problem with the dilapidated and old mechanization of TPPE Delchevo, and will contribute to fast and timely intervention in cases of fires.