Food packages from the Municipality of Delchevo for Roma families

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With food packages, the Municipality of Delchevo joined the action of the Red Cross of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Foundation "Open Society Macedonia" which is implemented in order to help Roma families living in social risk in times of health crisis.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Delchevo, Goran Trajkovski, today awarded 10 packages containing food products to the Municipal Organization of the Red Cross-Delchevo, which together with the packages that include hygiene and disinfectants, as well as supplements provided by FOSM, will be distributed to the target families.

Trajkovski pointed out that the Municipality of Delchevo, since the beginning of the epidemic with covid 19, has been continuously organizing humanitarian actions in order to help those families who live on the social bottom.

- We have been actively involved in humanitarian actions for 8 months already. The health crisis is hitting those families hardest. I welcome this initiative of the Red Cross and the Foundation "Open Society Macedonia" and I want to emphasize that I, as mayor and the Municipality of Delchevo, will continue with the humanitarian action, to help those who need help the most. At the same time, I express my gratitude for the humanity of companies and individuals from Delchevo who donate funds and thus confirm their social responsibility in times of crisis, said Trajkovski.

As part of the humanitarian action of the Red Cross of RSM and FOSM Delchevo, a total of 73 packages with hygiene items and 10 food packages will be awarded. The NGO KHAM from Delchevo is also involved in the action.