The mobile application for the agrometeorological station is available for the farmers

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Farmers from Delchevo will be able to use the data from the agrometeorological station located in the village. Workshop near the filter station through the mobile application which is available to all interested. Through this application, farmers will receive information on timely protection of crops from atmospheric influences, as well as to plan all agro-technical measures to be taken at certain times of the year. The devices contained in the stations measure the temperature and humidity of the air, the speed and direction of the wind, the amount of precipitation, the solar radiation, the humidity of the leaves of the plants, as well as the temperature and humidity of the soil.

The software from the agrometeorological station measures and records every 10 minutes the data which are then transferred to the server from where they are sent to the mobile application which is available to all citizens and a web platform that is specialized for farmers.

In order to be able to use the data, from the set agrometeorological station to the next link, you can download the installation guide of the mobile application.

In the past period, the Business Center within the Center for Development of the East Planning Region, organized several trainings for using and disseminating information from agro-meteorological stations with the nominees from each municipality and stakeholders, farmers at the municipal level.

Such agro-meteorological stations for protection of agricultural crops and environment in EPR were set up in all municipalities in the region.

The project funds are provided through the Program for Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Ministry of Local Self-Government.

Instructions for installing the Meteob application

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