Disinfection of public buildings in Delchevo

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Teams of TPPE Delchevo last night disinfected the entrances of public buildings, as part of the regular activities undertaken by the Municipality of Delchevo within the Operational Plan of the Municipality of Delchevo to prevent and protect against the spread of covid-19. The action covered the entrances of banks and markets, where there is usually a higher frequency of citizens.

In accordance with the Operational Plan, the Municipality of Delchevo performs regular disinfection of the premises of the Municipality of Delchevo, disinfection of the entrances of public institutions, control of the application and observance of measures to prevent the spread of infection, control of economic operators for passenger transport (taxi and line Regular disinfection is also performed on the city market, and if the weather conditions allow, disinfection is performed on the busy streets in the city and the settlements.

As of today, new restrictive measures adopted by the Government are in force, on the recommendation of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With the measures that will be in force until January 20, the working hours of the catering facilities are until 6 pm, and it is forbidden to organize and hold celebrations on the upcoming New Year and religious holidays.