Trajkovski: The budget for 2021 of the Municipality of Delchevo has been developed

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Capital investment in The basic budget of the Municipality of Delchevo for 2021 are projected in the amount of 62,585,456 denars, or 53,4% while in the total Budget, they are planned in the amount of 83,156,429 denars. The development component gives expectation, for economic growth на the municipality in 2021 year, as capital projects are expected to increase in both number and quality. This was stated by the Mayor Goran Trajkovski in the explanation of the Budget of the Municipality of Delchevo for 2021 before the Delcevo councilors.

Trajkovski emphasized that The Municipality of Delchevo is in a phase in which it is necessary extension of investmentste in infrastructure as a condition for growth and development of the municipality. The budget of the Municipality of Delchevo is a development budget in which most of the projected funds are spent are intended for capital projects, ie capital investments.

 In 2021 year we plan to build streets in us.Nursery, in the First, Second and Third Region, street 3 from the pedestrian bridge to the new city green market, streets in the settlement Strelishte, one street in the village Razlovci, one street in the village Trabotivishte, two streets in the village Virce, two streets in v. Grad, two streets in v. Stamer and one street in v. Zvegor and v. Gabrovo. These are streets that are derived from the priorities of the citizens listed in the questionnaires of the local and urban communities, as well as the infrastructure the overall development of the city of Delchevo. Also, pfunds are laundered and for the reconstruction of streets in the city middleand at the beginning of 2021. startува и buildand of the city green  market in Delchevo. Skopska, Orce Nikolov and Ostrec streets are envisaged for reconstruction, as well as the construction of the old local road Delchevo –Trabotivishte. Donation funds are planned for the purchase of special fire truck – truck in ТPPE, as part of the grant received through MSIP the project. Also, in the budget in capital expenditures, from its own funds is planned procurement of a vehicle to maintain public lighting. These expenditures are aimed at improving public services and improving infrastructure  in the Municipality, said Trajkovski.

Key capital projects for 2021 are the construction of the city green market, the construction of the filter station and the road infrastructure.

Key capital projects of coand we will pay great attention to the construction of the city market and road infrastructure, but also maximum commitment in all segments to start the construction of the filter-station for clean drinking water, as the most important segments for improving and increasing the quality of life of the citizens of the Municipality of Delchevo. For a better life of the citizens, we provided funds for the construction of sewers and water supply systems in the municipality. Through the European Investment Bank, the water supply network in Novo Delchevo and part of us will be completely reconstructed. Milkovo Brdo, on the move from Veljko Vlahovi ули Street to the gas station of "Makpetrol". These are, General, the means that are plansus to invest them in the realization of capital projects that are essential for improving the quality of life of the citizens, because this Budget is legal by the citizens and for the citizenssaid Trajkovski.

The total budget of Оmunicipality of Delchevo for 2021 year is planned in the amount of 311.896.856 denars and is planned in accordance with the legislation. The basic budget is projected in the amount of 117.293.456 denars.