The scholarship holders of the Municipality of Delchevo have been determined

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The Commission for awarding student scholarships has determined the list of students who will receive student scholarships for the academic year 2020/2021 year according to Competition for awarding student scholarships to excellent students from the high school "MM Brico".

Municipality of Delchevo for the school year 2020/2021 awarded 18 scholarships for students studying at the high school "Metodi Mitevski Brico" in two categories.

Вo first category 10 scholarships for excellent students from socially vulnerable category with an average (4.50 -5.00) in the amount of 1000 denars per month for a period of 9 months and in secondand category are assigned 8 scholarships for students who have achieved particularly high success, and the amount of the scholarship is 1500 denars monthly amount for a period of 9 months.

First category of scholarshipsии received students:

1. Anakievska Ana student in IV-2 class

2. Elena Gjeorgjieva student in III grade

3. Mircevska Anica fourth grade student

4. Krstevska Tamara student in III 2 class

5. Dimitrovska Gloria student in III 2 class

6. Aralampievska Sofia student in III 2 class

7.Antonela Arsovska student in IV 2 class

8. David Mihajlovski student in II 2 class

9. Ana Manasieva student in III 4 class
10. Kristina Novoselska student in III 4 class.

  Second category scholarshipsand received students:

1. Marija Misheva student in III 1 class

2. Lora Velevska student in IV 2 class

3 Tsonev Antonij student in III 1 class

4. Frosina Mulachka student in IV 1 class

5. Aleksandar Angelovski student in II 1 class

6. Ana Teletanska second grade student

7.Hristijan Simonovski student in class III

8. Andrej Milchevski student in class II

Scholarships will be paid for a period of 9 months, and the payment starts from January 2021.

 Student scholarships

The Commission for awarding student scholarships to the Municipality of Delchevo, based on the applications received after the Competition for awarding scholarships to students from Delchevo studying at state universities, and based on the Decision made by the Council of Delchevo, decided to award 6 scholarships instead of 4. in the student category who study at state universities in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, a who have achieved particularly high success in their studiesо.

 Иzoneof the scholarship is 3500 denars per month, and will be paid for a period of 9 months starting from January 2021 

Students who received student scholarships

1. Meri Micevska Economic фfaculty IV year

2. Bojana Zaharieva Faculty of Design and Technologies of Interior Furniture III year

3. Bojana Simevska Faculty of Medicine III year

4. Bojana Manasieva Faculty of Medicine

5. Martina Georgieva Faculty of Architecture IV year

6. Ana Stojanova Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences.

Вo the first category scholarships in accordance with the Competition, which referred to students belonging to the group of socially vulnerable category, no applications after the Competitionот.

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