New Year's address by Mayor Trajkovski

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Dear fellow citizens,

The New Year is on the doorstep and I wish that we enter it with a lot of optimism, hope, faith, to welcome it with a lot of love and to leave behind all the fears and pains, temptations and misunderstandings, to throw behind us everything that burdened in the old.

2020 is a life lesson.

 We learned from her that caring for personal health is caring for public health and that is the most important lesson, we learned that we are all vulnerable.

 We will remember 2020 for a long time.

Now that Mr.and we count the last hours of the old year, usually doesme summary of the passing year. In the old one, we answered responsible for the challenges and we have completed the capital projects promised in the program, we are preparing for the realization of new infrastructure projects. Our goal is development in all areas of life, from infrastructure and education, to sports and culture. In all our efforts, the common denominator is that we work in the interest of the citizens.

In the New year we enter with new energy in the realization of our plans and programs - the goal remains the same, better quality of life of my fellow citizens. In 2021 we continue with even greater energy and enthusiasm. We are building according to plan and with heart for Delchevo.

In anticipation of New YearI urge you to celebrate responsibly, stay at home with your loved ones, respect the measures, the end of this crisis is approaching and as many times before, through the centuries, humanity and this time comes out a winner.

In anticipation of the new 365 days of 2021 year, on my behalf and on behalf of the staff in Л's self-government, congratulationsam New Year's Eve holidays and the Christmas holidays  of the believers of the Orthodox religion and I wish you peace, prosperity and health, success in your personal and professional field, The new one to return our hugs and remove the masks from our face, and to toast with the old company for health and prosperity!

Dear fellow citizens, all problems, leave difficulties and weaknesses behind. Start thinking positively from this moment, expect better, life is short – but beautiful, do not be afraid of anyone, be brave and let every day start with a smile , to spend the day in happiness and to end with wonderful dreams!

I sincerely wish you all the best in the New Year!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!