The scholarship holders of the Municipality of Delchevo were determined after the repeated Competition

The Commission for awarding student scholarships has determined the list of students who will receive student scholarships for the academic year 2019/2020 after  repeatediot Competition for awarding student scholarships to excellent students from the high school "MM Brico".

Under item 1 of the Competition, are awarded 8 scholarships for excellent students from 2, 3 and 4 years who study in the high school "M M Brico" Delchevo, whose parents are unemployed, low-income or welfare recipients.

1. Sofija Aralampievska student in II year

2. Angela Anakievska student in II year
3. Ana Anakieva student in III year

4. Georgina Vitanova student in III year
5. Glorija Dimitrovska student in II year

6. Ana Manasieva student in II year
7. Eleonora Velinovska student in II year
8. Dimitrina Apostolova III year

Сthe scholarship is in the amount of 1000 denars, and will be paid 9 months starting from January 2020.

After the second point Marta Taseva, a student in III yearThe scholarship is in the amount of 1500 denars, and will be paid for a period of 9 months starting from January 2020. Financial Wed.estuff for student scholarships are provided by Бthe budget of Оmunicipality of Delchevo.

This 2020, the Municipality of Delchevo awarded 28 scholarships, 18 of which are female students for students studying in the high school "MM Brico" and 10 student scholarships for students from Delcevo who study at state universities in Macedonia.