Announcement for temporary cancellation of the admission days


The Municipality of Delchevo informs the citizens that the admission days in the sectors and departments within the Municipality of Delchevo are temporarily abolished, in order to prevent the occurrence and possible spread of the coronavirus.

As an additional mechanism that should enable the continuous smooth operation of the Municipality and continuously solve the problems of the citizens and answer their requests, it is recommended that the citizens use the telephone number of the headquarters of the Municipality of Delchevo (033) 411-550 and venues:

  • Department of Urbanism – local 115,
  • Finance Department – ext. 107;
  • One-stop shop – premises 114.

Requests can also be submitted to the official email, and additional information and official contacts of the responsible persons from the Municipality of Delchevo can be obtained from the website of the Municipality of Delchevo

With respect,

                                                                                                            Municipality of Delchevo
Goran Trajkovski