The city's green market in Delcevo closes

Temporary closure of the green city market as well as the cattle market in Delcevo is one of the measures adopted at today's meeting of the Regional Crisis Headquarters for the municipalities of Delcevo and M. Kamenica. In addition to the mayors of Delcevo and M.Kamenica, representatives of the SSO-Delcevo, CMC-Delcevo, RSGR-East, PS Delcevo, PS M. Delcevo attended the meeting convened on the initiative of CMC-Delcevo. Kamenica, Health Home "Goce Delchev", Red Cross Branch Delcevo, TPPE Delcevo, as well as representatives of public utilities from both municipalities. With a single item on the Agenda, information and recommendations for preventive measures to prevent the emergence and protection against the spread of coronavirus infection, the participants defined the following Regional Crisis Staff decisions:

1.       To comply with the measures and recommendations adopted by the Government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia concerning persons coming from high and medium risk countries that are foreseen to self-isolate within 14 days. Persons who have symptoms specific to coronavirus should call the Public Health Center telephones;

2.       All institutions to take measures for disinfection of workplaces, house councils in collective housing buildings, private companies that carry passengers to carry out regular disinfection of vehicles, to disinfect production facilities regularly and to raise hygiene to a higher level;

3.       To close the city green markets in Delcevo and M. Kamenica;

4.       Regularly disinfect the streets and sidewalks in the towns and villages in both municipalities;

5.       We appeal to the citizens not to panic, not to stock up on food and to limit the number of buyers in the markets and pharmacies.

Otherwise, according to the information of the competent police services, the police control 33 persons in Delcevo who are in isolation, and in M. Kamenica 14 persons. The police are preparing two criminal charges for two people from Delcevo for not following the recommendations of the government. The facilities of the medical staff are in good condition, and for the eventual need to transport patients suffering from coronavirus, a hospital van will be made available for regular disinfection.

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