The Municipality of Delchevo informs the citizens that in accordance with the measures and activities for prevention of the spread of the disease COVID-19 (corona virus) adopted by the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has taken specific measures and activities in order for victims of domestic violence to receive adequate assistance and protection.

In that direction, 24-hour accurate, timely and confidential support for reporting cases of victims of gender-based violence and domestic violence is provided through the National Free Mobile SOS line where these types of antisocial phenomena can be reported.

In cases when there is knowledge about endangering the life and health of the citizens, as a consequence of domestic violence, the citizens should report to the OVR Delchevo or to the Regional Unit of the Center for Social Work, whether it is during curfew.

Contact Phones:

OVR Delchevo: 033 / 411-445

-Center for social affairs: 070 / 213-451 033 / 411-736

-Center for victims of gender-based / domestic violence

PHI Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs Kocani

Phone: +389 72 243 782